Frescon contract manufacturing

Frescon also manufactures products for its partners under their own brands.

Our expertise focuses on health care, cosmetics, massage, and disinfection products, and on the animal side, pet and horse care products. We manufacture products from start to finish or only the desired work phase. Our contract manufacturing customers include pharmaceutical companies and massage and horse supplies wholesalers.

Our customer relations are based on long-term cooperation and partnership. If necessary, we are involved in designing our customers' products. We ideate, develop and offer our customers new innovations.


  • We propose manufacturing recipes or develop the customer's already prepared recipes

  • We register healthcare products and take care of the required documentation

  • We help with updating the labels

Materials and manufacturing

  • We can also procure raw materials and packaging materials on behalf of the customer

  • We monitor the quality of the products by work phase and keep the samples of the manufacturing batches

  • We archive the manufacturing data of product batches

Delivery and follow-up activities

  • We ensure the correctness of the delivery

  • We will inform you in advance of possible deviations

  • We will quickly correct any deficiencies

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We offer contract manufacturing services in various scopes. At its simplest, it can mean packing. Our customers can benefit from our flexible approach, which enables solutions tailored to their needs or even outsource their entire packaging/manufacturing operations to us. Our customer base includes large groups as well as small companies and various wholesalers.